The Pro Box - The Journey Ahead

The Pro Box - The Journey Ahead

Tell us about yourself and your startup

We're an AI driven interactive beauty fashion & wellness TV Platform which utilizes unique immersive media technologies with features including: Frictionless shoppable content and Multiview media technology.

What lead you to where you are today?

We started testing ideas for an on demand brand led education platform for hair & beauty professionals over 7 years ago whilst working for Revlon then much later L`Oreal.   

We pivoted towards a mass market fashion & beauty TV platform in Sept 2020 after a huge shift in trends  and consulting with some of our brand partners & early pre-subscribers. We found there was a clear need for focused high gloss fashion and beauty TV platforms which needed to be inclusive, transparent and authentic. 

Current limitations in media tech meant we would work to develop immersive tech features to heighten the user experience and enable brands to connect with consumers seamlessly. 

What has been the biggest highlight in your founder's journey so far?

There have been a few... 

Working together as a mother and daughter founding team! 

Amassing over 10k pre-subscribers to the platform without paid acquisition and purely word of mouth.   

Also partnering with fashion legends/Icons British Vogue and Elle & THG; sharing the vision for interactive fashion & beauty TV.

What lessons have you learnt that you would like to pass on?

The entrepreneurial journey will be difficult but stay focused, driven and listen to your gut. 

Listen to your users, know when to pivot and evolve your idea. Graft for your business but make sure you take time to care for yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. 

If you could invite anyone to join the Black Valley community, who and why?

We’d invite anyone who is looking to develop their business pre series A and would want to network with other like minded entrepreneurs. 

Final thoughts?

Excited to be a part of the Black Valley program and meet all the other amazing founders in sharing our journeys and experiences with each other. 

Rose & Caliya Sterling

Co-Founders of The Pro Box