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Four (4) ways Tech Communities has changed my career (By David Chijioke)

David Chijioke speaks about the 4 ways in which tech communities have impacted his career to date, from being a rookie in software engineering to now a Product Manager.

Asia Sharif - My personal journey into technology

Asia Sharif shares her journey into the technology industry from a non-technical background. She is now a Junior Software Engineer/ Junior Blockchain Developer and also the Co-Founder of an Education Tech platform called Tech Newbies!

The Trouble with Geniuses

Duaine Eyeson shares his reflection on being part of the Black Valley community

Why you should become a Black Valley mentee

Amber Shand, Black Valley Alumni on the April cohort, talks about her experience of the programme and what to expect for those looking to sign up for future cohorts.

Black Valley, a year in the making.

A year on since the global outcry following the death of George Floyd, which led to the creation of Black Valley.

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