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BHM - Celebrating Outstanding Black Women in UK Tech

In this blog, we celebrate Black History Month with a spotlight on the phenomenal black women shaping the future of UK tech by highlighting Founders, Investors, and Change-makers who are breaking barriers and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. From serial entrepreneurs to tech thought leaders, their stories are inspiring and their contributions are invaluable.

SocialPro AI — TikTok Growth To A Science

Get to know SocialPro — An AI tool helping businesses and influencers skyrocket their growth on TikTok through automation.

Cashblack and Afrofiliiate launch

Black Valley alumni Cashblack and Afrofiliate are two innovative platforms uplifting the Black community and supporting Black-owned businesses. The three brother are changing the game in online shopping and affiliate marketing.

SocialFIXT - Breaking Barriers to Empower Black Creatives

Meet Mercedes Benson and find out about SocialFIXT, a game-changing platform designed to revolutionise the UK's creative industry.

Pryntd - A journey in extended reality

Get to know Pryntd, a startup ready to redefine engagement through extended reality. Berne unveils his journey and mission to transform the digital landscape.

Overploy - Empowering Employees and the Future of Work

Find out about Overploy, a startup helping retail marketing teams in large organisations save on external agency costs for content creation.

BetaScore - Revolutionising Credit Access

Get to know Josh Ojo, founder of BetaScore an innovative predictive analytics platform that uses home credit history and transactional data to provide credit invisibles with access to credit and financial services.

Aichitect - A new wave in architecture

Get to know David Adjei, the founder of Aichitect, an AI-powered platform revolutionising architecture processes.

ValiHealth - Bridging Healthcare Disparities

ValiHealth is a healthcare technology company dedicated to enhancing healthcare equity and access. The company aims to tackle challenges in patient safety and operational inefficiencies within the healthcare system.

Exciting path ahead for Loopify360

BV Alumni Loopify360 has secured funding to help drive its commitment to developing innovative marketing solutions and tools, specifically designed for startups and Small-to-Medium Enterprises.

AudioStrip - A passion for making music

AudioStrip is an AI-powered web tool designed for musicians and DJs to isolate vocals from instrumentals in any song.

Black Valley Presents S’23 Founders Programme Cohort

The Black Valley Founders Programme is a tailored 8-week accelerator supporting exceptional UK-based black founders to access capital and scale their start-ups. The programme immerses our cohort in a community of start-up builders, investors and expert mentors.

The Pro Box - The Journey Ahead

The Pro Box is an AI driven interactive beauty fashion & wellness TV Platform which utilizes unique immersive media technologies with features including: Frictionless shoppable content and Multiview media technology.

The Cornrow - weaving content and commerce

The Cornrow is an online site selling a curated edit of the best of affordable home and lifestyle products, from cushions to chocolate, which all showcase modern Black brands, culture and aesthetics...

Pika: Effortless cooking experience

At Pika, we design and create meal kits that solve all these problems by making preparing and cooking African meals an effortless cooking experience..

Bringing a sweet side to sugar-free cakes

Don’t let cultural stereotypes hold you back. As the children of immigrants, our parents were surprised and confused by our decision to set up a cake business...

Find your true place on the map with Mappa

I’m a big fan of Black Valley’s mission. Sometimes people from underrepresented groups just need that extra bit of focused support and encouragement.....

Heyr is the mental health app rewarding users for checking-in

Global mental health is a $2 trillion issue. In the UK, a young person is referred to the NHS for mental health support every 30 seconds....

Dicey times call for Dicey Tech

After our recent pivot, our focus is a bit more upstream from schools - at the interface between education and employment. Specifically, we use our project-based learning expertise to make the early careers recruitment process..

Cashblack: Supporting Your Support of Black-Owned Businesses

The biggest highlight of my founder’s journey has been working with my brothers. Most co-founders tend to meet through networking or through referrals by colleagues or mentors...

Introducing our S'22 Founders Cohort

The Black Valley Founders cohort consists of 10 ambitious founders with businesses that have shown signs of traction, scalability and profitability, and we’re so excited to introduce them!

Introducing Africa Story

It all began with wanting to learn about Nigerian history myself. Being from Nigeria, I was never taught it in school so the best way to learn was to buy books off amazon or a library and read. This was time consuming, daunting and boring…

Yashar Pirasteh - Growth Analytics Manager

Yashar is an Analytics Manager. He thinks "learning to rely on others around you is a strength, not a weakness".

The Power of Business Connections

Change the way you see things… Ask for more - for help, advice, connections, collaborations, feedback, guidance, coaching, mentoring. It has the power to change everything for you.

Architecture to UX: A mid-pandemic career switch

Like many others, the pandemic brought about a divine season of deep introspection and time to explore within.

Befriend your emotion by Div Manickam

Div Manickam is a mindful soul and a believer in simplicity. Like an alchemist, Div loves the magic of bringing two worlds together in work and life.

Better Days - My First Month As An APM by Tigerlily Jagun-Howell

"You can do it, don’t be afraid, stop procrastinating, tell others what you are trying to do, ask questions and join a community."

Own It! By Ufuoma Mulan Itoje

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ Lao Tzu Take the first step…skip, hop, jump. Do whatever it takes to move forward. Bet on yourself always!

The Value Of A Tech Community by Jessica Olanrewaju

Jessica is an incoming Cloud Solution Architect. She shares her journey into tech so far, and how the Black Valley community has supported her along the way.

How Technology Found Me by Luísa Gockel

I have always been a non-tech person who works in tech and I know it sounds strange. I usually tell people that I didn’t find technology, but technology found me.

Tech, Mentoring and Me

Folashade Adegoke shares how her journey into tech and mentoring. She says "being in the Black Valley community has been the highlight of my career journey".

Introducing Our Winter 2022 Founders Programme Cohort

We are extremely excited to have launched our winter cohort of the Pre-Accelerator Founders programme! Read on to understand how we run the programme, and meet the Founders!

Looking back at my future career by Neil Pleasants

Neil Pleasants has been in the digital space for 20 years. One of the quotes he lives by is ‘learn to sit back and observe, not everything needs a reaction’.

Things I wish I knew when I started working as a Product Manager

"Don’t create extra work for yourself, focus on the biggest impact" is one of the things Julia wished she knew when she started working as a Product Manager. Read on for more advice and tips!

Ken Loh - Pivoting to Product Design, My Best Career Move Ever

Achieving goals and milestones should not be the only measure of success that makes you happy. Ken Loh started out as a software engineer working in financial services before discovering the world of UX.

Life as a Product Manager by Evelyn EBO

Evelyn shares her journey into becoming a Product Manager and expresses how she's grateful for communities such as Black Valley.

The Man, The Myth by Emeka Ehinze

Emeka Ehinze is a Product Leader based in Lagos Nigeria with a deep passion for building technological products.

My Journey with Black Valley, by Benita Nwagwu

The Black Valley community lives beyond your mentorship and your mentor doesn’t just stop mentoring you. You end up finding mentorship in your peers too.

Four (4) ways Tech Communities has changed my career (By David Chijioke)

David Chijioke speaks about the 4 ways in which tech communities have impacted his career to date, from being a rookie in software engineering to now a Product Manager.

Asia Sharif - My personal journey into technology

Asia Sharif shares her journey into the technology industry from a non-technical background. She is now a Junior Software Engineer/ Junior Blockchain Developer and also the Co-Founder of an Education Tech platform called Tech Newbies!

The Trouble with Geniuses

Duaine Eyeson shares his reflection on being part of the Black Valley community

Why you should become a Black Valley mentee

Amber Shand, Black Valley Alumni on the April cohort, talks about her experience of the programme and what to expect for those looking to sign up for future cohorts.

Black Valley, a year in the making.

A year on since the global outcry following the death of George Floyd, which led to the creation of Black Valley.

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