AudioStrip Wins Innovate UK AI Music Grant
May 31, 2024

AudioStrip Wins Innovate UK AI Music Grant

Audiostrip has been announced as 1 of the 6 lead-organisations to be awarded grant funding from the governments total £1 million "AI in the Music Industry" Innovate UK Fund. Their winning project "Fine-grained music source separation with deep learning models" caught the attention of the competition assessors.

The assessors of the competition agreed that AudioStrips Music-AI innovation would greatly benefit and strengthen the UK Music Industry who have said "this is well planned, resourced and researched innovation that can impact the business, market and wider industry in the field of AI and music separation" and "the rewards could be significant".

The aim of this competition is to advance the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services within the global music supply chain which benefits the UK Music Sector. Winners must collaborate with industry stakeholders to unlock the full potential of AI applications across the value chain, supporting and uplifting the music industry, and driving long-term creative and commercial success.

This project sees AudioStrip strengthening their partnership with the world-leading C4DM Queen Mary University of London who will collaborate with AudioStrip in the project to develop new state-of-the-art AI in music source separation.

Audiostrip specialise in source separation technology via machine learning. They take a music file and cleanly separate it into the individual vocals and instruments. This is similar to the technology that was used to recover a pure extraction of John Lennons voice from a cassette recording to release the 2023 Beatles track "Now and Then".

Current commercial software only splits vocals, bass, and drums at good quality. No product can simultaneously separate more instruments in a usable quality.This partnership project will fill this gap by developing advanced machine-learning algorithms that can automatically detect musical instruments for high-quality audio source separation. Basil Woods, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioStrip, comments: "This technology is sweeping the music industry. AudioStrip will offer more advanced tools for precise separation of individual elements in audio files.

By partnering with Queen Mary, we aim to elevate music source separation technology beyond industry benchmarks, making it an indispensable tool for DJs, independent artists, producers, and licensors.Our goal is to automatically identify musical elements from any given song - including vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer - and extract them into independent tracks without losing quality."

Simon Dixon, Director of the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence and Music at Queen Mary University of London, comments:"Our Centre for Digital Music has grown into a world-leading, multidisciplinary research group, responsible for numerous spinout companies and business partnerships with companies large and small.Industry partnerships like these allow us to achieve more real-world impact from our research, and give companies access to researchers working at the very edge of what's possible."

It was at the Black Valley Demo Day in November 2023, where Audiostrip connected with a BV community member who helped them make a last-minute change to their winning application for InnovateUK!

A big congratulations to the Audiostrip team on their continued efforts.

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