Exciting path ahead for Loopify360
September 22, 2023

Exciting path ahead for Loopify360

Black Valley founders programme alumni and startup Loopify360, announced recently their success in becoming venture capital backed. 

Following initial discussion to gain support from investors, the startup has now secured funding to help drive their commitment to developing innovative marketing solutions and tools, specifically designed for startups and Small-to-Medium Enterprises.

We caught up with Co-founder John Alimi to find out more. 

John Alimi, Co-founder Loopify360

Q: For those that don’t know about Loopify360, how would you describe the startup?

John: Powered by AI, Loopify360 provides a suite of innovative marketing solutions and tools for startups and SMEs to grow their businesses. We provide support to those in need of marketing assistance, from digital advertising to social media content.

Q: Tell us more about your recent VC-Backed News?

John: Loopify is now VC-backed! After some discussions during our initial fundraising round, we've secured the support of a few investors. This funding will help drive our commitment to developing innovative marketing solutions and tools, specifically designed for startups and SMEs. We were in a challenging fundraising climate. Investors were notably cautious, demanding clearer evidence of our ability to build, scale, and chart a direct route to profitability. They were keen to understand the core value proposition of Loopify, feedback from our early users, our growth trajectory, and our long-term vision. Additionally, investors were particularly interested in our differentiators in the market and how we envisioned scaling our customer base. It definitely was a challenging but great learning experience for the team.

Q: What are you most excited about?

John: We're most excited about fortifying our platform and crafting better experiences for our customers. Our new features provide more intuitive tools and seamless interactions. To do this, we're leveraging AI to offer personalised solutions tailored to each business's unique needs and challenges. 

Thanks to AI, we can provide ultra-personalised and actionable marketing and growth strategies. This will not only save businesses significant consultation costs, but also level the playing field. Working with us, SMEs can now anticipate more top-tier, budget-friendly tools to boost their growth.

Support from our investors means that we have the resources to truly innovate and our customers have access to the best marketing solutions available. We're democratising access to advanced tools for startups and SMEs. Our big offer is in delivering industry-leading Return On Investment (ROI) advertising solutions, alongside tools that connect businesses with content creators and more.

Q: Do you have any advice for our community members?

John: Whether you’re a new startup founder or are in the thick of it all, it’s important to stay agile and receptive to feedback. It's essential to adapt and iterate quickly. Startups often operate with constrained resources. To succeed, you need to quickly build products that customers want. By being receptive to feedback, founders can better understand their customers' needs and make fast decisions, especially amidst rapid market changes and customer preferences.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

John: We're always eager to collaborate and learn. If any members have feedback or are interested in partnering with Loopify, please don't hesitate to reach out. First, connect with us on LinkedIn and Instagram. And, stay up to date with the latest news on our products over on Loopify360.com.

We’re excited to hear and see more of our Black Valley alumni stepping forward, taking big strides in their startups milestones. Make sure you follow the team at Loopify360 for any needed marketing updates and SME needs.

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