Pryntd - A journey in extended reality

Pryntd - A journey in extended reality

Welcome to our Founder Spotlight series, where we showcase the brilliant minds behind the startups in the Black Valley accelerator programme. 

We had an insightful conversation with Berne Omolafe, Founder of Pryntd, a startup ready to redefine engagement through extended reality. Berne unveils his journey and mission to transform the digital landscape.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your startup.

Berne: Hello, I'm Berne. I've been a software engineer for almost two decades and spent the last ten years deeply immersed in immersive experiences and contextual advertising. I hold a master's in international project management, a diploma in machine learning, and a bachelor's in creative writing, which together contribute to our innovative approach.

Pryntd is pioneering 3D contextual advertising, breaking free from 2D constraints. We're revolutionising how creators and marketers engage with their audiences by blending the physical and digital worlds through extended reality (XR). Our mission is to empower users to seamlessly turn 2D content into immersive, interactive experiences accessible on everyday devices like smartphones and screens. Notably, we aim to address challenges such as high customer acquisition costs (CAC), low engagement, and conversion rates. In addition, we enable users to become creators, audiences, and even marketers, allowing them to create, share, and monetize their 2D content as extended reality experiences.

To provide some context about immersive extended reality, we've achieved impressive stats so far. Users spend an average of 13.5 minutes engaged in XR compared to just 3 minutes for 2D videos, with 8 hotspot engagements.

Thanks to our XR-based platform, advertisers can create immersive 3D ad experiences with time-coded hotspots. It's worth noting that 78% of internet users prefer 3D ads. The global contextual ad market is projected to reach $335.1 billion by 2026. At Pryntd, we've achieved a remarkable 20% Click Through Rate (CTR) on ads generated from user-generated immersive content. Immersive content drives over 250% higher engagement and reduces costs for driving awareness by 59%. A Facebook report even showed a 90% confidence level in AR ads outperforming traditional ones, with immersive ads boasting a 3000% CTR increase. Pryntd's cost-efficient solutions democratise 3D advertising via mobile, delivering significantly higher engagement rates, performing exceptionally well with a 2-3 times uplift.

Q: What led you to where you are today?

Berne: My journey into XR was driven by a fascination with immersive experiences. I initially invested in a 3D TV, hoping it would transform my content consumption, but I soon realised the limitations of 3D technology.

I turned to VR as the next frontier, but it also fell short of its promise beyond gaming and entertainment. Augmented reality (AR) faced similar content creation challenges.

To bridge this gap, I envisioned Pryntd as a solution that empowers users to transform their existing 2D content libraries into engaging XR experiences, making this technology accessible to everyone.

I joined the Black Valley community because I saw it as an ideal platform to connect with like-minded individuals and accelerate Pryntd's growth.

Q: What has been the biggest highlight of your Founder’s journey so far?

Berne: The most rewarding moments on this journey have been witnessing people discover Pryntd and experiencing the wonder of XR. These moments reaffirm the transformative potential of our platform.

Q: What lessons have you learned that you would like to pass on?

Berne: One crucial lesson is understanding that not everyone will immediately grasp your vision, and that's perfectly okay. Stay committed to your path, and with persistence, you'll find those who share your enthusiasm and understand your mission.

Q: If you could invite anyone to join the Black Valley community, who and why?

Berne: I would extend an invitation to every black tech entrepreneur. Black Valley is a community where our collective success is the ultimate goal. It's a place where innovation, diversity, and collaboration thrive, providing invaluable support to founders.

Q: Final thoughts…?

Berne: Black Valley, along with Rise – ColorinTech, 1000 Black Voices, and Founders, are on a mission to amplify the voices of black founders and make their contributions visible. This mission resonates deeply with me, and I'm genuinely grateful to be part of this journey. Let us continue to stand together and support these initiatives, for they hold the key to realising our shared vision.

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