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Help create the change you want to see in your industry.

We are seeking Founders, Designers, Developers, Venture Capitalists, Marketers, Product Managers, Data Scientists and Innovators to join us as mentors. If you wish to become a mentor, you can join our tribe.

Our mentors are black professionals and genuine allies in tech who are passionate about seeing positive representation and being part of the solution.

You can help in two ways

Community Mentor

Community mentors are active members of the Slack community and support our mentees. Commitment is flexible. Mentors can simply help on ad-hoc basis. This might include design feedback, sharing resources or chatting with mentees past and present.

Immersive Mentor for a Cohort

Mentors can dedicate their time to mentor on our quarterly immersive mentoring programme remotely over eight weeks. Your commitment would be two hours a week over a fixed eight-week period- one hour for the mentoring session and one hour (roughly) for preparing for the session.

Our Programme Partners

Why Black Valley?

Black Valley runs an eight week structured programme designed and developed with HR professionals.

Week 1


Weeks 2 &3

Technical Weeks

Week 4

Industry Visibility

Weeks 5, 6 & 7

Practical Weeks

Week 8

Reflection & Conversation

Week One

Mentors and mentees get to know each other and understand the mentee's goals.

Week Two & Three

Our technical weeks
Mentors help their mentees level up on their industry knowledge and technical skills

Week Four

Industry Visibility
Mentors support their mentees to be more visible in the industry and present them with new opportunities.

Week Five, Six & Seven

Practical weeks
Mentors support their mentees to develop their own impressive portfolio or business idea. This could include working on live projects.

Week Eight

Reflection and Conversations
Black Valley community celebrate at our graduation event, along with some special guests.

Anything is possible, including careers in tech. Seeing people that look like you, and having successful to people champion is why Black Valley is so important. Being a mentor means I support people to explore and reach the opportunities out there for them.

Ayo Abbas

Founder, Abbas Marketing

It’s been an incredible experience being a mentor at Black Valley - I’ve had the privilege of overseeing two talented women who have excelled in both design and development. If you have the time, I wholeheartedly recommend you become a mentor!

MIChael Fordham

Front-end Developer, VerifyEd

Volunteering for Black Valley has been incredibly rewarding. In addition to taking action against the racial inequity endemic to the industry; I've also expanded and diversified my professional network.

Joe Reed

Software Engineer, Moneyhub Enterprise

Having mentored previously with other organizations, I can say with confidence that Black Valley is the most organized, uplifting, mission-driven, and results-oriented program I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

Arit Nsemo

Customer Success, Hologram

Black Valley is a fantastic way of being able to provide deserving talent with a view of the start-up ecosystem from the front seat. It feels like a grassroots movement with enough of a framework to get things done quickly.

Parin Shah

Venture Investor, Lego Ventures

When I heard about Black Valley I was passionate about getting involved; increasing equity in tech and creating an environment where those from a black ethnic background can thrive. It has been so rewarding to see the impact.

Jessica Irvin

Head of People Operations, Vortexa

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