Learn from industry professionals

The Black Valley guided 8 week programme covers four key development areas:


Mentees will have weekly one hour mentoring sessions with their dedicated mentor.

Tech industry knowledge

Each mentor will share their knowledge about how the industry works providing invaluable insight for each mentee.

Tech network access

Each mentee will have access to Black Valley’s wider network of +130 mentors and will be able to connect and access their networks and leverage their expertise on particular areas of the tech sector

Tech Skills

Access to Black Valley’s bespoke small group training sessions, practical project exposure and signposting to courses and pathways that will help you to develop your technical skills

Why Black Valley?

Black Valley runs an eight week structured programme designed and developed with HR professionals.

Week 1


Weeks 2 &3

Technical Weeks

Week 4

Industry Visibility

Weeks 5, 6 & 7

Practical Weeks

Week 8

Reflection & Conversation

Week One

Mentors and mentees get to know each other and understand the mentee's goals.

Week Two & Three

Our technical weeks
Mentors help their mentees level up on their industry knowledge and technical skills

Week Four

Industry Visibility
Mentors support their mentees to be more visible in the industry and present them with new opportunities.

Week Five, Six & Seven

Practical weeks
Mentors support their mentees to develop their own impressive portfolio or business idea. This could include working on live projects.

Week Eight

Reflection and Conversations
Black Valley community celebrate at our graduation event, along with some special guests.

Gain industry insight from mentors that have worked at some of these great companies

Joining Black Valley allowed me to gain real insight into navigating the UX/UI field, particularly as a black female. I've been able to gain incredible career direction, real project experience and made some amazing connections too.

Sandra Johnson

Mentee, January Cohort

I sincerely believe that Black Valley has been a life changer for me. After Leke matched me with Richard, everything literally changed. I was able to focus on goals due to his guidance and through him I created meaningful and wonderful relationships.

Kehinde Adeleke

Mentee, January Cohort

Black Valley transformed my tech trajectory. Within my first few weeks, I grew confident in creating visualizations, finished an SQL course, and began working with python libraries. I’m now much more confident in myself and my growth.

Adaeze Okoli

Mentee, January Cohort

The Black Valley mentorship program was a great experience. Being connected to mentors from top VC companies helped us focus on the things that matter and become investor ready. A highly recommended program!

Ike Okosa

Mentee, September Cohort

My mentor was such a great match for me. Not only did I learn a lot from him, I also now consider him a friend and ally for my startups goals and ambitions.

David Bailey

Mentee, January Cohort

Black Valley gave me an opportunity to cultivate my skills whilst transitioning to UX Design and Front End Development. The best part is the access to remarkable people with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience.

Njavwa Katebe

Mentee, January Cohort

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